? Bulley-Graham-Rawlins Funeral Home
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Additional Services

Here are some of the additional services that we offer to make the process easier for you:

  • Obtain all medical certificates and other official documentation
  • Liase with Cemetery officials and ensure confirmation and preparation of burial site including grave transfers.
  • Where necessary, arrange cremation documentation, shipment of remains an collection of ashes on their return.
  • Prepare mortal remains for repatriation and transfers overseas.
  • Liase with appropriate Consulates, Airlines and receiving Funeral Homes to ensure efficient transfer of mortal remains.
  • Arrangement of Pall Bearers where required.
  • Liase with Clergy and family to produce a printed service program if required.
  • Co-ordinate and consolidate all necessary fees for presentation to family or executors as appropriate.
  • Advise on over-all cost effectiveness of final arrangements being considered.
  • Arrange for the erection of monuments and name plates.

For any questions regarding these please contact us for more information.


24 Hour Service

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